SUPERNOVA is a stain-resistant, anti-reflective interior latex paint, designed for decorative painting of indoor walls and ceilings, with exceptional hydrophobic properties and reduced susceptibility to dirt.

  • Exceptional coverage
  • Ecological
  • No splash
  • Mat


2,5 l
5 l
10 l
pieces per pallet
average consumption

0.08-0.10 l/m2 one coat applied on a smooth, even and properly prepared substrate

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KLEIB SUPERNOVA is a stain-resistant, anti-reflective latex paint designed for decorative painting of indoor walls and ceilings, with exceptional hydrophobic properties and reduced susceptibility to dirt. The paint forms a special coating that repels water and any liquid dirt, preventing them from penetrating deep into the surface. The innovative formula makes it possible to perfectly cover cement and lime plasters, concrete and gypsum substrates as well as gypsum plasterboards. The paint forms coats with high stain resistance and features superior resistance to wet washing and scrubbing. KLEIB SUPERNOVA is one of the few stain-resistant paints with a deep matt finish. The no-splash formula and optimum drying time make it easy to paint even the most difficult surfaces, and the low VOC level ensures a neutral odour during painting. The paint is available in the innovative KLEIB colour system.

The working surface should be clean, dry, compact, uniform, free of grease and dust. Repair and fill in any scratches, cracks and gaps. The paint is recommended to be applied on strong, compact substrates. The surfaces to be painted should be dusted off thoroughly and then washed with water. Walls painted with chalk-based paint and flaking working surfaces should be washed, then deep penetrating KLEIB G2 primer should be applied. We recommend priming gypsum plasterboards with KLEIB G1 before painting. It is particularly important to prime board joints and areas partially covered with gypsum mortar, as the use of KLEIB G1 primer equalizes the absorbency of the working surface and prevents streaks when painting. Note: it is recommended to apply paint from the same batch (date) of production to a given surface, under the same conditions and in the same fashion.

The paint is supplied ready to use. It may not be combined with other materials. After opening, mix thoroughly the contents of the bucket until a smooth uniform consistency is obtained.

The paint should be applied in two coats; before painting grey and dark substrates it is recommended to paint them with white KLEIB SUPERNOVA (P base). When applying the first primer coat, the paint can be diluted up to 10% with water. Dyed paint should be applied undiluted. The product should be applied at an air and working surface temperature of +5°C to +28°C. Subsequent coats are recommended to be applied after at least 4 hours. Paint plasters after 6 weeks of curing or after the time indicated by the manufacturer of a particular plaster, finishing plaster, putty. General wall paint technology should be maintained. We recommend using a microfiber paint roller or natural bristle roller with a minimum pile height of 12 mm.

The paint should be stored and transported in tightly closed buckets in dry conditions and at plus temperatures from +5°C to +28°C, away from sources of heat. Protect from overheating. Note: water-based product. It is permanently damaged when temperatures fall below freezing. Do not leave containers open once they have been started. The compound shelf life is 24 months from the date on the packaging. The product is not classified as hazardous under the current ADR Agreement. Covered car transport required.

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