One-component, low-expansion polyurethane foam providing excellent adhesion quality, designed for professional installation, sealing and soundproofing. The foam retains full elasticity and regular structure of the material even with partial deformation. In addition, it ensures extremely high soundproofing performance. Foam curing occurs due to the moisture in the air.

  • low expansion
  • thermal
  • soundproof
  • ultra-durable
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Sealing in the installation of wooden, aluminium elements exposed to large temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as in wooden houses and frame structures. Sealing, soundproofing and filling of elements exposed to vibration and mechanical pressure, i.e. stair treads, partitions. Thermal insulation of water, sewage and central heating networks. Filling gaps in thermal insulation when insulating buildings, with particular attention to elements prone to deflection and deformation.

Thoroughly clean and degrease the working substrate. Make sure the can is at an above-zero temperature (+20°C). Moisten the work surface with water using, for example, a sprayer. Shake the can vigorously (for about 30 sec) to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Screw the applicator onto the can – the working position for installation is the “upside down” position of the can. Apply the foam from the bottom to the top of the gap. Fill the gaps up to 70% of the depth, but not more than 3 cm per layer; gaps wider than 5 cm should be filled in layers; wet each layer with water after application. Fresh foam should be removed with a foam cleaner. Remove excess foam after curing by mechanical methods (e.g. with a knife). After the foam is fully cured, it should be protected from UV rays using, for example, silicone masses, plaster, paint. NOTE! If left unprotected, the cured foam will lose its insulating properties.

Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place in the originally closed and sealed containers in an upright position. Store and use before the shelf life expiry date indicated on the bottom of the package. Storage temperature: from +5°C to +35°C – recommended room temperature.