for painting façade panel imitation

KLEIB AF-10 is an element of the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) marketed under the trade name KLEIB. AF-10 is an acrylic façade paint, designed mainly for colouring the surface of reinforced layers that imitate façade panels.

  • available in colours consistent with the façade panel colour sample book
  • high yield
  • UV-resistant
  • high aesthetic qualities



1 kg
pieces per pallet
average consumption


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AF-10 is an acrylic façade paint mainly intended for colouring the surface of reinforced layers made as an imitation of a façade board

The substrate should be dry, load-bearing and seasoned. Before applying paint, the surface should be primed with KLEIB G1.

Paint AF-10 is supplied ready for use. After opening the package, its contents should be stirred to even out the consistency.

The paint should be spread with a brush or roller, evenly in a thin layer over the entire surface. Depending on the absorbency and structure of the substrate, the paint can be applied in several layers. Apply each successive coat after the previous one has dried, i.e. after approx. 2-6 hours. Protect the applied surfaces from direct sunlight, rain and strong wind. Clean tools with water immediately after use.

The consumption is approximately 0.1-0.15 kg/m2.

Store in tightly closed buckets, in dry conditions, at positive temperatures for up to 24 months from the production date on the packaging.