roughcast texture

Protective and decorative plaster KLEIB SP-70 is an element of the external thermal insulation composite system with rendering (ETICS) marketed under the trade name KLEIB. It can be used on any mineral substrate which is adequately structurally sound and even and on silicone coatings.

• excellent vapour permeability
• resistance to dirt
• full resistance to colour fade and weather conditions
• full microbiological protection of the coating
• available in white and in colours consistent with the KLEIB range of colours

net weight
15 kg
pieces per pallet
average consumption

Up to 2.5 kg/m for maximum grain size of 1.0 mm.
Up to 2.7 kg/m for maximum grain size of 1.5 mm.
Up to 3.4 kg/m for maximum grain size of 2.0 mm.

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