for thin joints, interior and exterior use class M10

KLEIB M-140W is a white masonry mortar intended for the erection of structural and non-structural walls made of concrete, ceramic, lime-sand, cellular concrete walls etc. The mortar can also be used for leveling and filling surfaces. KLEIB M-140W is designed for interior and exterior use.

  • excellent adhesion and flexibility
  • possibility to use with at least 1 mm thick joints
  • for reinforced and non-reinforced walls
  • waterproof and frost resistant
25 kg
pieces per pallet
average consumption

8 kg/m² for a 24 cm homogeneous wall and a joint thickness of approx. 3 mm

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The mortar is prepared by pouring dry mix into a container with a measured amount of water and mixing until a smooth, uniform consistency is obtained. The mortar is ready to use after 5 minutes and after remixing. Prepared mortar is to be used within approx. 3 hours.

KLEIB M-140W  should be distributed evenly using a notched trowel on a horizontal plane of masonry elements. It should also be applied on vertical contact planes, unless the technology provides for a different method of joining. Each subsequent laid element should be pressed and set with a rubber hammer to the desired position. Do not apply the mortar on an excessive surface as it retains its adhesive properties for approximately 2 minutes.

Homogenous wall thickness      

Mortar layer thickness 3 mm      

From a 25 kg bag      

12 cm

approx. 4 kg/m2

approx. 6.2 m²

18 cm

approx. 6 kg/m2

approx. 4.2 m²

24 cm

approx. 8 kg/m2

approx. 3.1 m²

30 cm

approx. 10 kg/m2

approx. 2.5 m²

36 cm

approx. 12 kg/m2

approx. 2.1 m²

The mortar must be transported and stored in tightly sealed bags, in dry conditions (preferably on pallets). The shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date on the packaging.

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