Protects bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, drying rooms against moisture

KLEIB HYDRO is used for the application of flexible primer undercoats beneath ceramic tiles, for sealing walls and flooring in rooms with no water pressure, for sealing in wet areas, e.g. around shower cabins, washbasins, baths, sinks. KLEIB ceramic tile adhesives can be applied on a film layer. For indoor use.

  • flexible
  • one-component
  • contains no solvent
  • to be applied under ceramic tiles
  • fills substrate micro cracks
  • for indoor use
15 kg
pieces per pallet
average consumption

Medium waterproofing - two layers, 2 mm, 3.2 kg/m²

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KLEIB HYDRO is a ready-to-use product. Mix before use to stabilize the consistency.

Apply the first layer of the mix on the prepared substrate using a brush and then after complete drying (approximately 3 hours) apply each subsequent layer with a brush or a roller. KLEIB sealing tape should be used to ensure waterproof sealing as a necessary element of KLEIB HYDRO film.

Lightweight waterproofing – two layers, 1.5 mm total, 2.5 kg/m². Medium waterproofing – two layers, 2 mm, 3.2 kg/m². Heavy-duty waterproofing – three layers, 2.5 mm total, 4.0 kg/m².

KLEIB HYDRO must be transported and stored in tightly sealed bags, in dry conditions (preferably on pallets). The shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date on the packaging.