for plasterboards

KLEIB ES-10W is used for grouting and puttying of plasterboards, as well as for finishing and decorating works. Excellent for leveling and filling cavities in any undercoat mineral indoor surfaces. For manual and machine application.

  • flexible white anhydrite finishing plaster based on anhydrite
  • fibre reinforced
  • extended open time
  • vapour permeable
  • easy to apply and process
  • no dust when ground or sanded
20 kg
pieces per pallet
average consumption

1 kg of dry mass per 1 m² of surface, with the thickness of 1 mm

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KLEIB ES-10W is prepared by pouring dry mix into a container with a measured amount of water and mixing until a smooth, uniform consistency is obtained. The mix is ready to use after 5 minutes and after remixing. It retains its properties for more than a dozen hours, provided that it is stored in a sealed container when application is interrupted.

Apply KLEIB ES-10W evenly on the prepared substrate with a stainless steel float or mechanically using plaster spraying machines. When dry, remove any unevenness with sandpaper or grinding mesh. When grouting plasterboards, use tape, mesh or interlining.

Approximately 1 kg of dry mass per 1m² of surface, with the thickness of 1 mm.

The product must be transported and stored in tightly sealed bags, in dry conditions (preferably on pallets). The shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date on the packaging.

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