for bonding ceramic tiles, interior and exterior use C2TES1

KLEIB EKL-110 is a cement-based adhesive for bonding all types of wall and floor ceramic tiles, cement and terrazzo tiles as well as non-absorbent natural stone cladding, for interior and exterior use. KLEIB EKL-110 adhesive can be used on mineral substrates as well as plasterboards, waterproof plywood or OSBs. Recommended in particular for balconies, terraces,  façades, underfloor and wall heating.

  • excellent adhesion
  • for balconies, terraces, façades, underfloor heating, over old tiles
  • for all ceramic and porcelain tiles and stone cladding
  • waterproof and frost resistant
pieces per pallet
average consumption

1.5 kg/m² is used for each 1 mm of an adhesive layer thickness

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The adhesive is prepared by pouring dry mix into a container with a measured amount of water and mixing until a smooth, uniform consistency is obtained. The adhesive is ready to use after 5 minutes and after remixing. Prepared adhesive is to be used within approx. 3 hours.

Apply the adhesive on the prepared substrate with a smooth steel plasterer’s float, spread evenly and adjust. Lay a tile and press it firmly against the substrate. The amount of adhesive should be selected so that the adhesive contact surface is minimum 2/3 of the tile surface. In case of floor claddings the adhesive surface should be entirely covered with the product. The tile adjustment time is approximately 10 minutes. Flooring can be used or cladding can be grouted after minimum 24 hours.

On average 1.5 kg of mortar per 1 m² is used for each 1 mm of an adhesive layer thickness.

The adhesive must be transported and stored in tightly sealed bags, in dry conditions (preferably on pallets). The shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date on the packaging.

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